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Star Art Jewelry by: Pam Troutman
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AMS Board of Directors from day one.
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The USGS domestic mapping program had a massive downsizing (RIF) in 2006-7. Surviving staff undertook re-imagining how to meet our mission goals after such drastic cuts in personnel.  One idea, crowd sourcing for new map features and maintenance of existing map content, grew into what today is The National Map Corps, a network of volunteers who undertake challenges at the state level to update digital content for USGS’s latest incarnation of its topographic product, US Topo.  Here is a link to the monthly newsletter I get from the USGS folks in Rolla, MO and Lakewood, CO.  It has some interesting articles. I thought some of you might think so too.  Zeke Lee


Click the link above to read more about th Nation Map Corps.

Take a moment and browse through some of the good ole days ot AMS. Pete Alvestad has taken the time to scan several of the old Surf 'n' Turf newspapers. Lots of memories in these isues, maybe we will have more to come. Let us know what you think.


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